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A Minor Breyerfest Report

I will say that overall, I did have fun. Seeing friends that I only see at Breyerfest or at model horse shows is always fun.
For SRs I was mostly in the back for my ticket times. I was happy I was able to get a Pop the Cork for my friend and a Jubilee for myself. A friend sold me a Platinum Star at a minor mark up. I’m not complaining. The price was very fair and they didn’t have to offer it at all. They could have easily kept the model to sell on eBay or MH$P at a larger profit. I am very happy to add him to my collection.
My swap meet sales were a lot better than I expected. Models I thought wouldn’t sell were actually the first ones sold. Seriously this was the first time I left Breyerfest with more money than what I came in with! O_o It felt weird. However, I’m glad I didn’t impulse buy a lot of models I don’t need. I stuck to the items I said I was looking for and got them. Including: Birthday Cake stablemate, Equine Tapestry book, Sgt. Reckless book autographed by author and a light up lanyard that I needed for reasons and for science! ;)
I guess if I had to complain, it would be on things that can’t be helped. Saturday and Sunday were cut short for me because of fatigue. I didn’t even shop at the CHIN afterwards, because I was so weak. Also dealing with a few “That guys.” Seriously, if anyone says they know which Pop the Cork model is the “Rare one” and they aren’t a Breyer employee, don’t listen to them. Time and time again they have been wrong. Just wait until Breyer gives the official count which usually happens about a week after breyerfest. It seems like this is more than a minor report. I kinda wished I had stuck around to see some of the guest horses perform.
To those that went to Breyerfest, did you have fun? What did you buy?
Until the next time,

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breyerfanatic asked: Do u have a pop the cork model horse for sale? :D

No. I was only able to get one and it was a pick up for a friend.

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Breyerfest Came and Went

Another Breyerfest has come and gone. I was lucky to pick up a Pop the Cork model for my friend. I know she’ll be very happy. My sales from the swap meet were better than expected! Unfortunately fatigue and tremors from MS were causing me to leave the horse park early on both Saturday and Sunday. At least I have Monday off to recoup before I go back to work.
Until the next time,

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Quick Note!

Just a quick note regarding the swap meet. I will consider trades on certain models. There are only a few I will only except cash/asking price for.
However, most I will consider trade/partial trade for the following: Phantom Wings, Fox Valley Oliver, Taskin, paddock pal/little bits unicorn, black wolf, and possibly Pop the Cork.(please note, that I am interested in these models. I am not selling the models I just listed.) Please keep in mind I have a soft spot for black horses. Also, as stated before, there will be a few models I will only except cash for the asking price.

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